We create permanent values with sustainable special solutions

TEZ İleri Teknolojiler was established in 2001 by Ms. Nilgün TEZ to transform innovative and creative ideas into permanent values and to provide added value to our country.

While operating in Defense Industry and Crime Scene Investigation areas, demand from the market forced us to add Geophysics, Molecular Biology and Genetics and Occupational Health & Safety departments to our segments . As the leading brand in the field; we have been successfully maintaining the trust based relationship with our customers for 19 years, with our customized solutions and customer-oriented approach. Our goal is to be the pioneer of change by providing end user satisfaction through our high quality principle with latest technology products and services.

We are innovative.

We are involved in R&D activities, receive training and follow technological developments. We believe in the permanency of learning, development and change.

We are customer oriented.

We establish effective communication with our customers and unconditionally focus on creating added value. We reflect the innovations to our customers. We care about privacy.

We are perfectionists.

We attach importance to high quality and make quality control systems run.

We are solution oriented.

We eliminate problems and difficulties by initiative approach via sharing and participation.

We are reliable. 

We strengthen our relationships by demonstrating open communication and honesty.

We support each other.

We develop team spirit by supporting each other in a common understanding.

We are responsive.

We attach importance to the fulfillment of social responsibilities and environmental protection.

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