Occupational Health and Safety

Our Priority is Your Healthy and Safety 

We approach the procurement of Personal Protective Equipment within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety with the awareness of the fact that the correct product selection and correct use will minimize the risks.  We are running all our activities as the Turkish representative  of companies that are manufacturing products and services in relevant international standards. We sell products that comply with national and international regulations and have EN and CE certificates. 


Personal Protective Equipment  

Personal protective equipments are designed and manufactured for use in possible accident risks that cannot
be prevented or reduced by engineering designs or restructuring.
The purpose of using personal protective equipment is to create a protective barrier between the user and the hazard.
Key points in use; Choosing the right protective equipment,  using it correctly and making sure it provides protection. 

For your health and safety, please contact us to get detailed information about the products and brands we represent.

Our company is the representative of MSA The Safety Company. 

You can view personal protectors, portable and fixed gas detection systems from the link below. 

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