Corporate Sales Geophysics 

Corporate Sales 

Since 2001, we are the representative of world leading companies that manufacture devices used in mining, oil, gas, infrastructure and geological surveys aiming determination of natural and unnatural resources like water search and archaeological research. In addition, we offer our customers solution partnerships from determining the most suitable device to training and procurement.  

Our priority is to ensure customer satisfaction and to provide superior quality service as the representative of the world leading well logging companies in Turkey.

Our Products

  • Seismic data acquisition equipment
  • Resistivity devices 
  • GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) 
  • Magnetometers & gradiometers (air and land) 
  • Well logging equipment 
  • Electromagnetic data acquisition systems 
  • (MT, CSAMT, AMT, TDEM etc.) 
  • IP equipment
  • Conductivity Meters 
  • Magnetic susceptibility meters
  • Metal detectors
  • Ultrasonic speed measurement (PS) equipment
  • Data processing software (well logging, electrical, seismic and electromagnetic methods)

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