Molecular Biology
and Genetics

Our department provides services especially in the fields of Molecular Biology, Genetics and Biotechnology. Our company, as the Turkish  representative  of commercial goods developed in this field, offers the products to  university researchers, government institutions and private laboratories allowing the development of molecular technologies. 

Our fields of activity are as follows;

  • DNA, RNA and Protein Purification  
  • cDNA Synthesis, Cloning and cDNA Library Creation Services 
  • Fluorescent Proteins and Reporter Systems
  • RNAi and Expression Systems
  • Restriction Indonuclease Enzymes 
  • RT-PCR, Multiplex PCR Enzyme and Kits
  • Mutation Research Kits  
  • Oligo, Primer, Probe Synthesis 
  • Cell Culture Materials 
  • Laboratory Plastic Materials 
  • Kits and Consumables for Sanger Sequencing
  • Forensic Genetic STR Based Identification Kits

In rapidly growing Turkish market, It is our primary goal to provide best quality products in best conditions on cost effective basis to our customers. 

Molecular Biology and Genetics Brands

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